I did it again...

I should've added it as one of my Bucket List goals... beating Maria finished on a challenge.  :)  Not that it's the reason I'm doing this challenge by any stretch, but she' so FAST that I feel like I won the lottery or something when I get a LO done before her.  She'll probably come post hers and it'll blow mine away.  *sigh* 

Anyway... here's my LO for Challenge #7:

1. See Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

2. Explore the pyramids of Egypt

3. Spend a week in an overwater bungalow in Tahiti

4. Eat fish & chips in England

5. Take in the British Museum

6. Take my son to Washington DC

7. Walk Boston’s Freedom Trail with my family

8. Go back to Las Vegas

9. Take a 30-day cruise to Asia

10. Go back to Disney World

11. Have a quilt displayed in a national show

12. Learn how to knit

13. Start my own business

14. Take a photography class

15. Read to children

16. Organize my closets

17. Lay in the grass and find shapes in the clouds with my son

18. Drive a stick shift sports car

19. Be a good friend

20. Have a second child

21. Buy a bigger house

22. Learn more about Photoshop

23. Have lunch with Peyton Manning

24. Meet a President of the United States

25. Learn how to speak Japanese

26. Take a Shoguns and Samurai Tour in Japan

27. Make my husband happy

28. Own a Segway

29. See my son graduate high school and college

30. Attend my son’s wedding

31. Retire with my husband

32. Do voice acting

33. Be on The Amazing Race with my hubby

34. Be debt free

35. Become a CT at ScrapMatters

36. Swim with a dolphin

37. Get an in-ground swimming pool

38. Be a good mom

39. Get a spa pedicure

40. Own a horse farm

41. Tour the French countryside

42. Go snowmobiling in the wilderness

43. Volunteer

44. Own a padparadscha sapphire

45. Own an SUV

46. Go to church regularly

47. Get down to my ideal weight

48. Make my own lightbox

49. Adopt another Doberman

50. Own a Sea-Doo personal watercraft

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LOL you crack me up!

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