Challenge 11-Maria

Polka Dot Plum hosted this one. We had to take the template and rearrange all the layers to create an unique layout.

Only one more layout to go and this race is OVER!

Challenge #10

Here's is our combined LO for the ADSR.  Maria gets credit for the layout... I just added my eye and Drew's picture.  :)

Challenge 9 - this one took a while

I had a tough time coming up with this at first... then WHAMMO!  But, I think Maria was peekiing over my shoulder as I was making this and she was starting challenge 10.  When we post it you'll see why. 

Here's my LO

Maria's layouts Challenge 5,6, 7 & 8

wow am I behind I haven't posted one of my layouts since challenge 4! Well I've been busy getting famous.. right Cara? ;-) My layout of Cara for Challenge 1 was selected to be in the March 2010 issue of The Artisan Notebook.

Now onto my layouts..Challenge 5 The Candy Man - he's so evil I hate him!

Challenge 6 - 10 things I like about me ((I hated this challenge))

Challenge 8 - The "Someday" Challenge I finished this before challenge 7 so you have to see it first *wink*

Now for Challenge 7 this broke all kinds of records with me. 7 hours planning time and 15 hours design time..My Bucket List

I am also doing March Madness at Scrap Orchard and I just signed up for Survivor at Ginger Scraps.

See if you can figure out who I am at Scrap Orchard, even Cara can't figure it out. I don't know if that's good or bad. I'm one of the first 15 people that posted in Challenge 1 and my secret user name starts with a number, not SO.

Happy Scrapping

Challenge #8

Ooops - I was a little delinquent posting my challenge #8 LO.  This one was hard for me -- I was stressing out over what I was going to do.  As my eyes were drifting around my desk, it came to me.  I saw this picture of Zena.  Then it came flooding out of me.  And WOW! was it an emotional journey for me.  Here's my layout: